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This is BL Game (boyxboy) where you play as MainCharacter  who starts his first year in high school  in an all boys school "Brocode Academy".  Do illegal activities to earn money. Befriend key characters to gain their help & support while building  your reputation in the underworld.


MOUSECLICK - This is a point and click game.  You will use this for selecting options.
ESC - Open Game Menu, Close Popups
SPACEBAR - Continue (chat/fight)

[ ALPHA VERSION 190318 ]

I'm updating for the game to enter the Alpha version.  This game is not abandoned, I'm continuing this pet project.  I'll be updating every few months.

Carrying items are now limited to the slots of your bag.
You can store unlimited items to the storage box in your dorm room.
Click items to use/equip. Right-click to view item information.

See current equipped items. 
Click to unequip. Right-click to view item information.

Vendo Machine
More items available.

Job Quests
Delivery - Earn money by delivering gifts to target students. Requires spycam.

Crowd Interactions
You can now interact with the crowd. 
You can either use your luck to try to Extort money or Fight them to win their money.
Be careful of who you bully, you cannot escape a fight. 
*Fight mode is still in experimental stage.


  • 1 Love interest (CHF your Childhood Friend)
  • 2  Activities (Taking Pictures and selling them for money, Delivering gifts)
  • 30 days play time


  •  3-4 additional love interests
  • More crimes
  • Interactive Dialog system
  • Dating characters
  • BGM

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Crime, Dating Sim, Gay, Yaoi
Average sessionA few minutes


BrocodeAcademy_Alpha190318.zip 16 MB

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Is it avalliable for windows?

I want to try this game but I don't know how to do it because I downloaded but it doesn't open. I have a macbook.